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Off Type Hot Sauce

Off Type Hot Sauce

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We love Off Type's fermented thick-style hot sauces because they have great flavor, are probiotic, use local & organic peppers, and handcrafted by our friends right here in St. Paul.

Choose among these three great options, all come in 4 oz bottles.

Tang Sauce: Where heat, flavor, and funk meet. Tangy, bright, floral, very hot. Midwest meets Carbbean style. 

Fuego Dulce: Made with Salvatierra Farms Maple Syrup (MN). Think wings, fried foods, special breakfast sandwiches, spicy salmon...the indulgent opportunities are endless. All locally grown and produced.

Sailor's Delight: Medium-hot heat, smoky, and rich with a subtle sweetness. Its not sriracha -- its better in every way. Made with the best spicy papriks-style peppers, all grown in MN and WI.

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