Consider making a donation to support our operations during the COVID-19 pandemic


We are devastated by the killing of George Floyd and outraged by the broader pattern of racial injustice in the Twin Cities. BrightSide Produce is committed to uplifting members of underserved groups through our mission of improving access to healthy foods. In response to the unrest in our community, we have launched two fundraisers: 

1) Provide fresh produce directly to community members   (

2) Help repair damages sustained to our partner stores in Minneapolis  (

If you wish to contribute, you may do so directly here on our Donations page or through our GiveMN fundraisers. Through direct donations, you may provide a note for what you’d like your contribution to go toward.  

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Due to closures related to COVID-19, we have lost access to the delivery vehicle we used to make store deliveries. Please donate today to help us purchase a cargo-style van.
BrightSide cannot continue our important work bringing fresh, affordable produce to food insecure neighborhoods and promoting food equity without you! Please consider donating to BrightSide to help us serve our community.
Check out our Buyers Club page to support BrightSide on a recurring basis or to receive delicious produce yourself!