Support for Families in Need

We strive to create a society where EVERYONE has access to fresh, healthy foods.

To help make this vision a reality, we have launched a "Pay What You Can" produce delivery model to support families experiencing extreme financial need. Recipient families are identified and referred to us by churches and community groups in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and receive a large bag of our fresh produce each week.

We need YOUR support to make this program sustainable: 

$3/week covers a 1/4 share of produce for a family

$6/week covers a 1/2 share of produce

$12/week covers a full share 

This program is completely run by volunteers that pack and deliver the produce to ensure costs remain low, so we can serve as many families as possible. There is far more demand for our Pay What You Can deliveries than we can currently support, so we maintain a waitlist of recipients to draw upon when our capacity increases.

We ask for donations via a weekly subscription because this allows us to more effectively plan how many families we can serve. We also welcome one-time donations to help keep this program running. We can provide tax receipts for any donation made to BrightSide Produce.