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    Bring an assortment of our high-quality fruits and veggies, plus a variety of local add-ons, directly to your door! We deliver throughout St. Paul and Minneapolis.

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    Choose Large or Small bundles, and Conventional or Organic produce (or a mix of the two!). You'll be able customize your produce preferences via email.

  • Give Back to the Community

    By paying a small Food Justice Surcharge, you help us expand access to affordable fresh fruits and veggies in underserved comunities—without ever leaving your home!

How you help:

The simple act of subscribing to our grocery delivery service helps community members get reliable access to affordable fresh produce, and we think that makes you a hero.

Prefer to go to the store yourself, but still want to make an impact? You can still be involved by donating to the cause!


Join the Movement

Support our mission to improve access to fresh foods by subscribing to our Home Deliveries program. Each week, we deliver produce to your home. The proceeds allow us to stock corner stores shelves with fresh produce.

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