Our Groundbreaking Model:

Healthy Corner Stores

BrightSide makes it easy for small stores in underserved Twin Cities communities to offer high-quality, low-cost fruits and veggies to their customers with a nationally-distinctive model:

1) We buy wholesale produce that corner stores want to stock, like bananas, apples, oranges potatoes, and more.

2) We make convenient weekly deliveries to our ~45 partner stores in Minneapolis and St. Paul with low prices just above wholesale value, no contract, no minimum order requirements

3) Our Buyback program helps removes the financial risk for corner stores of stocking perishable food. For participating stores, we purchase back overripe, unsold produce at the price they purchased it for.

Grocery Delivery that Gives Back

We offer weekly Home Deliveries of fresh produce (organic and conventional options) to households throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul.

We individually curate each bundle according to the preferences we talk about with you over email after you sign up. Local, organic produce is available during the growing season.

We also offer an exciting suite of add-on products from local food entrepreneurs, making this unique grocery service with a serious local impact.

The best part? The price of this delivery service includes a small "food justice surcharge," which directly funds our Healthy Corner Store program.

Pay What You Can

We believe that access to affordable fresh food should be a basic right. That's why in 2020, we started offering a grassroots Pay-What-You-Can home delivery program throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Recipients pay what they can afford, donors fill in the gaps with weekly contributions, and volunteers make it all happen.

Produce Rx

We partner with community health clinics to deliver fresh produce to their clients as part of their treatment plan. We believe that food is medicine, and that reliable access to fresh produce is not only important for food security, it is also a critical public health measure. Current partners include Indian Health Board, Native American Community Clinic, Southside Community Health Services, and The Peoples' Center.

Zero Food Waste

We are passionate about environmental sustainability, and do everything we can to avoid food waste. Because we move fruits and vegetables 7 days a week, we have very little produce that becomes overripe on our watch. All BrightSide Produce that is not high enough quality to be sold is either composted or upcycled. We also use compostable packaging in our Home Delivery program.


    We manage the Linden Hills Farmers Market! Every Sunday from May-Oct we host a dynamic lineup of local growers and makers. Live music every week adds to the fun.


    We partner with university courses to give presentations and develop curriculum on resilient urban food systems. We also host student volunteers and interns to contribute to our food justice mission.