Our Groundbreaking Model:

Bulk Buy Wholesale Produce

BrightSide makes it easy for small stores to offer high-quality, low-cost fruits and veggies to their customers by doing the following:

1) Buying bulk, wholesale produce

2) Making weekly deliveries to our partner stores

Help Communities Sell For Less

We charge stores only 10% above wholesale costs and have no minimum order requirements. We also offer a buy-back options to help stores mitigate the risk of stocking perishable items on their shelves.

This allows smaller stores with limited access to fresh produce offer a better selection at a lower price.

Self Sustaining Delivery

The best part of this? This cycle is completely self sustaining!

We offer weekly Home Deliveries of fresh produce (organic or conventional options) to households throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul. Part of the cost of this delivery service includes a food justice surcharge.

The profits that come from these Home Deliveries allow us pay our community youth employees a fair wage and maintain our operations.


We strive to create an equitable local food system where everyone has access to affordable fresh fruits and veggies.

In 2020, we started offering a Pay-What-You-Can home delivery option throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Recipients pay whatever they can afford each week, and donors fill in the gaps with weekly contributions.


    - Operating farm stands in underserved neighborhoods

    - Providing fruit bowls on college campuses

    - Donating fresh produce to food shelves or food banks


    BrightSide has also developed curriculum for college classes focused on social justice and resilient local food systems and is involved in public health research.