The Neighborhood Pods

The Neighborhood Pod program supports the continuation of BrightSide FarmStands in low-income, food insecure neighborhoods in North Minneapolis. The FarmStands bring affordable produce into the community and employ a local youth to run the stand and gain job skills.

The neighborhood pods are a crucial piece, allowing the FarmStands to remain a financially sustainable operation and paying our youth partners a wage. In return, neighborhood pod members receive a $10 bundle of excess produce each week. These bundles contain a mixture of conventional and chemical-free, locally sourced produce.
This summer we will host 8 farm stands and employ 8 local youth! The FarmStands will run 8 weeks, beginning the week of June 25th and run through the week of August 20th. There are no farm stands the week of July 4th.
How to Join:
Step 1: Choose the $10 bundle below
Step 2: Indicate your pickup location (if your neighborhood's pickup location is TBD, you will receive an email when the location is set)
Step 3: Choose "Subscribe" under payment plan (this will charge your card $10 each of the 8 weeks of the farm stand program)
Step 4: Checkout!
Questions about your order or the Neighborhood pod program?  Contact Autumn Heiderscheit at 

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