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When and how did you start Jewelltown? What inspired you to start it?

Jewelltown came to be by happenstance. I [Hana] was living in the suburbs and considering what it may be like to own and operate a business, specifically envisioning a coffee shop. Meanwhile, my brother, Quinn, along with his partner and new child were living in western Wisconsin and had been looking at farmland and other real estate while considering their next chapter. Our family gathered for dinner near where Quinn and Liana lived, and on the way passed an antique building that was for sale. I mentioned my coffee shop idea to Quinn; he said that he had been thinking the same thing, that there was this very cool building for sale in Star Prairie and that we should buy it! 

With Quinn’s background working as a barista and shop manager for many years and Hana’s desire to do something new, we dove in! We bought the building October 19, 2018, and we were open for business as Jewelltown Roastery ten days later.


What is everyone’s role today? Were you all involved from the beginning?Jewelltown Roastery founders

I [Hana] wear many hats, as I know many business owners do! I am the HR, accounting and baking department. Quinn roasts the coffee and manages our wholesale accounts. Hana and Quinn both still barista regularly as well. Gabe has always been involved; he was instrumental in helping us get the space ready to open in such a short time. He has been our lead barista for most of the last five years! Quinn trained both Gabe and Hana on coffee and barista skills, and we’ve all grown and learned a ton this last five years!




Gabe, Hana and Quinn in front of Jewelltown Roastery in Star Prairie, WI


Tell us about Jewelltown? What makes it different from other coffee roasters? 

Jewelltown is on the corner of a very busy intersection (+/- 5,000 cars/day) in Star Prairie, WI, a small town with a population of 600. We have a really cool antique building that boasts a lot of charm and is a part of the history of the area—it was built in 1905 as the post office and general store for the town, which was named Jewelltown at that time. We have original ceilings and floors and while a 100+ year old building requires plenty of TLC, it also has memorable character. We are also truly family owned and operated.


What is Jewelltown’s mission? What core values guide your business operations?

Whether visiting our shop, stopping by our booth at a farmers market or using our beans to brew delicious coffee at home, we want every interaction with Jewelltown Roastery products and people to be an uplifting experience and a highlight of the day!

Our vision is to be recognized as an essential member of the communities we serve, a great place to work, and to always be a part of a good day for our customers.


How does Jewelltown contribute to the local community? 

We love the community we are a part of. We were so welcomed from the very beginning by people in this area. We often hear that folks love our space to gather and meet with friends. It is an easy pit stop for many commuters as well as for cabin-goers in the summertime.

We have two weekly music jam sessions where people sit in a circle and play music together. They also have a following of fans who come to listen and work every week.


What does Jewelltown do to be environmentally sustainable? 

We have quietly composted all of our food waste and coffee grounds from the get go and also take pride in being extremely low-waste as a standard practice. We also made a few strategic upgrades to our building to decrease our footprint while also improving the comfort and quality of our shop as a work environment, for patrons and staff alike!


What are your plans or goals for Jewelltown in the future?

We are actively looking to grow our coffee bean business. We have a few wholesale partnerships (including BrightSide Produce!), but we have capacity to support a few more. We also dream of a second location or mobile unit down the line, but for now we feel very happy and proud of the shop in Star Prairie.


What has been the most rewarding part of running Jewelltown?

We are so thankful to every customer that comes in the door—our average sales perday has more than doubled since we opened 5.5 years ago. Every complement we receive about our coffee, the pastries or space is very rewarding. Seeing the shop with no empty seats on a Saturday morning with the live music happening in the back is very fun and fulfilling.

I sometimes can’t believe that it’s real and ours and successful.

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